ISIS Orders Segregation of Male And Female Animals At Farms

Mosul: The Islamic Caliphate, formerly known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, has ordered the gender segregation of all male and female animals and banning gender mixing in farms and stables. The move comes as the Islamic Caliphate has introduced various new Islamic laws and orders in the northern Iraqi province of Mosul such as banning Shi’ism and Christianity and ordering shopkeepers to cover the faces of mannequins.

“This move will ensure the piety and chastity of the animals of Mosul whose gender-mixing in farms and stables has led to an overflow of sleaze and vice in the land,” said Islamic Caliphate spokesperson Khalifa Rashid. “From now on, male and female animals – which includes horses, cows, goats, birds, sheep, but not pigs – will have to eat and sleep in separate rooms and facilities while there will be special accommodations made for families and those female animals traveling with a mehram.”

“Pigs will be given special accommodations in the fiery pits of hell,” the spokesperson added.


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