Bahraini Hospitalized After Reading First Chapter of Fifty Shades of Grey

Manama: A Bahraini was hospitalized at Salmaniya Medical Complex yesterday after completing the first chapter of the hit best-selling erotica novel, Fifty Shades of Grey.

Wafa Al Alawi’s condition deteriorated quickly after reading the first few pages and took a turn for the worse after the completed the first chapter of the book. Her family decided to send her to the hospital immediately before her health fell even more sharply or if “she would decide, against her best judgement, to read the second chapter”.

“It was so bad,” Wafa spoke to local reporters from her grey hospital bed. “The sentence structure and use of alliteration was so erratic and improper. It was like trying to read the phone book but when the names are not in alphabetical order.” The room was visibly grey, and the furniture bore a resemblance to the kind of furniture one would expect to find in a hospital room. A grey hospital room.

“I just hope that no one else will hav–” Wafa went silent after seeing her doctor enter the room. She blushed. He smiled.

“I was in the area, thought I should check on you,” said the grey-eyed doctor, who gazed purposefully at Wafa’s face, making her blush.

“S-s-sure,” Wafa stuttered. She blushed. He smiled.


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