Saudi Man Opens New Jihad Travel Agency

Residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and nearby Gulf countries will find a new travel agency providing all of their Jihad travel needs, traveling to a variety of popular Jihad destinations including Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt and Lebanon.

The new travel agency, Jihadi Jihad, was founded by Ahmed Abu Ahmed this year and celebrated it’s grand opening today. “Jihadi Jihad is a new venture that will revolutionize the Jihad industry!” said Ahmed Abu Ahmed, while speaking to local reporters at the grand opening. “First class accommodations, premium Jihad destination options, full Jihad orientation upon arrival and, of course all of our jihadists will be provided with grenades, suicide explosives and AK-47 assault rifles when they travel with us, along with 72 virgins upon completion of their jihad.”

Abu Ahmed added that “with outbreak of major sectarian-political conflicts all across the Middle East, there was a growing demand for a professional and full-service travel agency that prepares our Jihadists for their fight against the enemies of Allah and Islam”. Islamist militants are taking part in conflicts across the entire region and have almost become the norm at this point.

“What with the rise of religious fundamentalism and extremism, this was a perfect opportunity to capitalize on the deaths of innocent people, destruction of neighborhoods and oppression of women and minorities.”


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