Bahrainis “can’t wait to elect another Parliament”


In Bahrain, Municipal and Parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held this coming October and the majority of Bahrainis are eagerly awaiting the chance to elect another parliament that refuses to serve their interests, according to a new poll.

Bahrainis are “really excited and can’t wait to elect another Majlis Al Nuwab that won’t be able to do anything in the face of a spiraling economic and political crisis,” said the poll’s head researcher Mohammed Salah. “This is evidence of the democratic values in society that encourages people to participate in politics and exercise their rights.”

A voter and resident of Madinat Hamad, Zainab Hamdan, said “The most exciting part about the upcoming parliamentary term is anxiously waiting to find out what Majlis Al Nuwab will do next to take away the few rights that Bahrainis are able to enjoy. The previous term was all about the right to assembly and revoking citizenship, how will they top that?”

According to the poll’s results around 56% of Bahrainis are “super excited”, while 32% are “very excited”, 10% are “excited” and 2% answered “Oh, great”. Head researcher, Mohammed Salah, is very happy with the results adding that the upcoming term looks to be the best one yet.

“The great thing about Majlis Al Nuwab is that it is very predictable, it doesn’t shock you with huge sweeping changes to the country. I’m really glad we have it instead of one that makes crazy decisions like empowering citizens with better and more rights and protections that would surely destabilize the country.”


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