What The Central Governorate Needs Is Another Mall, says MP

“The Central Governorate is in desperate need of another shopping centre,” said Isa Jassim, an MP from the Central Governorate, during an interview. “Residents have been suffering for a long time with just Enma Mall, Riffa Mall, The Centre (Al Alawi Complex), Al Waha, Wadi Al Sail Mall, Sultan Mall, Seef Mall – Isa Town, Sitra Mall and Lulu Hypermarket.”

Calling the lack of shopping centres “a crisis”, MP Isa Jassim went on to describe how residents of his Governorate are forced to go to the same two or three shopping centres to conduct their business. Mr. Jassim also said that a coalition of other MPs from the Governorate are readying a proposal that will ensure a swift response to the crisis.

Enma Mall – Riffa

“There is also the issue of parking,” MP Isa Jassim added. “Shoppers need somewhere to park their cars but when they arrive at the parking lot, they are shocked to find that it is full. Why don’t we build another shopping centre adjacent to existing ones so that there will be more parking spaces for people?”

Residents of the Governorate lauded the proposal on Twitter. Twitter user @mahmood778 said, “Finally, someone is doing something about this problem,” and @ibtisamsami remarked, “The new shopping centre should be in Isa Town.”

At the end of the interview, however, MP Isa Jassim was reminded that the Central Governorate was cancelled and dissolved earlier last week.


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