Bahraini Goes To City Centre During Eid, Doesn’t See Anyone They Know

city centre

A Bahraini shopper who went to Bahrain City Centre today, hoping to enjoy a nice dinner at P.F. Chang’s away from their family, reportedly, managed to leave the popular shopping mall without seeing anyone they know; whether from school, from work, family or a long lost childhood friend who recently returned from a trip to Hawaii.

Hayat Anwar, 23, spoke to local reporters about their experience. “When I got in my car and turned on the engine that’s when it finally hit me; ‘I just left City Centre without seeing anyone I know; is this even real?'”

“I slowly drove out of the car park in a state of disbelief and bewilderment. I had to pinch myself twice to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, but then when I exited the parking and the street lights shone into my eyes I realized it was real! I just left City Centre without seeing anyone I know! It felt exhilarating! I felt invincible, like I could take on the whole world in a day.”

According to a recent study conducted by the Bahrain City Centre Department of Research and Market Studies, 99.8% of City Centre visitors bump into someone they know or see someone they know from afar and manage to escape before they get spotted. Analysts have coined a new term for this phenomenon: “The City Centre Effect”.

Amala Batra, Head of the Department of Research and Market Studies at BCC, said “The City Centre Effect is a well-documented and widely observed phenomenon – just go check Twitter on a weekend and see how many people say they saw someone they knew!”

“We are very proud of our department and its employees, as we have conducted numerous crucial surveys into Bahrain City Centre’s operations in order to ensure quality service to all our customers and to meet their needs. Over the next few months, the department will be initiating numerous plans to ensure that the 99.8% statistic rises to 100% by making sure that all residents of Bahrain visit City Centre every day.”


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