“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” says MP about Bahrain

Manama: Current parliamentary candidate Mubarak Mohammed Ali released a statement earlier today announcing his election platform: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, vowing to do his best to make sure things run stable “business as usual” in the Kingdom.

“Most parliamentary candidates are talking about the housing crisis and living standards reform,” Mr. Mubarak opined. “But I decided to go a different route against unnecessary reforms and changes in the country and say ‘We are fine just like this!'”

During his election majlis last night, attendees lauded the candidate for his average-thinking plan of inaction.

One of the attendants, Lulwa Hamed said, “I am really glad that Mr. Mubarak won’t try to do anything to promote greater equality in Bahrain. I am pretty happy with my status of legal inequality, thank you very much.”

Majeed Hazem was also supportive of Mr. Mubarak’s election platform, adding, “When other MP’s talk abput economic problems plaguing Bahrain like unemployment, corruption, poverty, the budget deficit, they suggest that Bahrain actually has, you know, problems!”

“But we all know that’s not true. Bahrain is a great country! Just look at Syria and Sudan, they have it really bad there. Who wants to hear about problems all the time?”

Other attendees generally agreed and said that Mr. Mubarak makes them feel better by assuring them that their lives are fine the way they are and that there is no need for change.

Candidate Mubarak Mohammed Ali concluded the majlis by adding, “Vote for me so that together we can ensure Bahrain has a bright future, because it already has a bright present.”


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