Bahrainis complain about lack of election campaign posters

Manama: Numerous complaints have started to sound from citizens about the serious lack of election campaign posters, claiming that this makes it very difficult to get to know the campaign slogans of candidates contesting the Municipal and Parliamentary general elections to be held on November 22.

“There are barely any campaign posters on the streets,” complained Fadheela Jassim, a resident of Zinj. “Are these people even trying to win seats?”

Many other citizens made the same complaints, adding that the lack of campaign posters on the streets will make it very hard for them to effectively practice their constitutionally protected right to vote and elect representatives in free, fair and transparent elections. Over the past few weeks in the lead-up to the elections which will be held on November 22, only about 10,000 posters have been placed on the streets of Bahrain, a number that has only marginally increased since the beginning of the week.

“Some of the posters that are on the streets don’t even have candidates folding their arms in a serious pose,” remarked Sharif Faris. “It just makes no sense why they wouldn’t fold their arms.”

Need more posters



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