Bahrain to send delegation to US to promote reforms


Manama: The Kingdom of Bahrain announced today during a press conference that the government will be sending a delegation of human rights law specialists, security experts, diplomats, lawyers and media personnel to the United States of America in order to assist in the promotion and implementation of much-needed police, human rights and judicial reforms in America.

“This delegation will assist our key ally, the United States of America, in promoting crucial and positive reforms in their country and to ensure the strengthening of our historical relationship,” said a Bahrain Embassy, Washington DC spokesperson. According to the spokesperson, the delegation will focus on reforming four main areas: the prison system, the judicial system, the policing system and addressing racial inequalities.

Following the shooting of an 18-year-old unarmed teenager named Michael Brown by a state police officer in Ferguson, Missouri the past summer, protests that started up in the small town sparked a nation-wide protest movement and some civil unrest in all major urban cities of the United States. The situation quickly deteriorated into racial and political tensions after the police officer was found justified by a court jury. Since then more and more incidents of police brutality have taken the forefront of mainstream media discourse leading to widespread condemnation against the police and the United States and even more protest.

“The delegation which includes lawyers, diplomats, media professionals, security experts and human rights law specialists, will assist the United States police forces and judiciary through crucial human rights training,” added the Bahrain Embassy spokesperson. “We will also enter into negotiations with the government to encourage quick implementation of these reforms which are key to resolving the conflict. Our crucial aim is to promote equality and an end to racial and sectarian tensions.”

“In fact, we will be sending our most prominent human rights specialist, Nabeel Rajab, to lead the delegation.”


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