Laidback English Teacher Spends Only 50 Minutes Explaining Appropriate Font Use


Laidback English teacher, Noor Ali, reportedly spent only about fifty minutes explaining the appropriate use of fonts in her “Intro To Literature” class today.

“Always use Times New Roman,” Noor explained, while making careful notes about the instruction on the whiteboard. “I am a really laidback kind of teacher but I don’t want to see any Cambria in your essays.”

Noor then spent the next five minutes of class time explaining to a group of 24 students, who feel like “it’s way too early in the morning for this sh*t”, just how laidback she is.

Elaborating on her point about how laidback a teacher she is, she proceeded to draw an isometric diagram on the board and formulated an equation to calculate the level of laidbackness she possesses.

When it all started to make sense to the students and their faces finally brightened up, Noor remarked: “Oh, finally, you people are waking up! It was like I was explaining this stuff to a bunch of sheep!”

When the bell rang, signalling that class time was over, students began to shuffle out of the classroom. Noor quickly scrambled to get her thoughts in order and started screeching erratically about homework due tomorrow or something.

“And remember, I don’t want to see any of that Cambria sh*t in your papers!”


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