“What do if life is zoo?” asks contemplative Bahraini


“What do if life is zoo?” asked Bahraini Twitter user @Tem, setting the philosophical side of Bahraini Twitter abuzz with a variety of responses to the contemplative question.

The introspective question encouraged an explosion of Twitter activity, drawing in many users to respond and join the conversation.

“I don’t know really,” responded Twitter user @Merlex. “I guess nothing.”

“I think that this statement serves to show how the chaotic complexity of life is put on display in front of our very own eyes for the amusement of others,” added @murbadi. “Or you know, our lives could actually be a zoo.”

Nonetheless, the answer to the question remains elusive, with as many as 82 different users contributing a total of 322 responses, none of whom agree on anything.

“What do if life is zoo?”


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