Bahrain Considering Plans To Land Reclaim Second Bahrain For Migrants Workers


Following the announcement by municipal authorities of plans to segregate migrant workers from local residents in separate housing areas, an ambitious new strategy is now on the discussion table boasting Bahrain’s biggest land reclamation project yet.

Full details have not been announced but local sources claim that the new strategy involves reclaiming land to build a second replica of Bahrain where all migrant workers will be relocated. A new causeway will also be constructed connecting “Bahrain 1” with “Bahrain 2”, because why not.

“No other country in the region has implemented such an ambitious plan,” said the principal architect behind “Operation: Bahrain 2″”, Yousif Khalid. “Not even the UAE!”

Residents were quick to comment on the strategy on Twitter.

“I think the plan should also include a giant wall between the two islands so that we can ensure that migrant workers don’t go to the other side without permission from their sponsor,” said @TariqG.

“I will only agree to the plan if migrant workers are provided with good and proper arrangements in the new Bahrain, for example a City Centre 2 or something,” explained @NooraJJT.

“Workers are usually really rude,” explained Mr. Yousif. “Sometimes they just stand around in the streets, which makes many families uncomfortable, instead of staying in their tiny bedrooms with the twenty other men they live with.”

“This is good for them and good for Bahrainis. Who wouldn’t want a City Centre 2?”


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